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Obit Submission

To place an obituary, please contact or call (518) 828-1616 ext. 2461.

The obituary office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM.

When submitting the obituary via email, please type out the obituary in the body of the email exactly how you would like it to appear in the paper, or you can attach a word document if that is preferred. Please also include a photo if you wish.

If you are a family member submitting the obituary, please provide one of the following during submission. 1) A copy of the death certificate. 2) Contact information to the funeral home/crematory that handled the arrangements. 3) A link to an obituary on a funeral homes website. 4) A link to an obituary that ran in another publication.

After submission, please be patient while our obit clerk prepares a proof and price for you. They should be in contact with you within an hour of submission. Once you are contacted with your proof, you must approve the proof before the obituary is ordered to publish in the requested newspaper(s), and payment must be provided. You can provide payment via phone by calling (518) 828-1616 ext. 2461.

Please be aware that the Chatham Courier and the Windham Journal are no longer stand-alone publications. The Chatham Courier is now inserted inside of the Hudson Register Star and the Windham Journal is now inserted inside of the Catskill Daily Mail, both on Thursdays.

It is important that deadlines are adhered to so proper publication of your order can be made. The deadline for the Hudson Register-Star (Chatham Courier) and Catskill Daily Mail (Windham Journal) are 3:00pm the day prior to the run date. 

If you have any further questions, issues or concerns regarding how to submit an obituary, please feel free to call our obituary clerk at (518) 828-1616 ext. 2461.

Thank you!

Phone: (518) 828-1616 ext. 2461

Fax: (518) 671-6043