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Local pharmacy strives for customer-centric excellence. Sponsored Content.


Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy opened over a quarter century ago. Just a few short years ago, Ravinder Annamneni became the owner. Today, Pharmacist Srinivas Velesetty, with pharmacy technicians Nicole and Mikayla Eisenhardt and Erica Flouton, are now continuing to elevate customer care and modernize, bringing back popular offerings from the past and introducing new ones. Why the return of durable medical equipment? “We added a full line DME supplies within the pharmacy itself … our own full line service,” says Velesetty. Staff previously referred five or six people daily to other suppliers, sometimes producing complaints. “All the doctors have offices here. We have a very good relationship with the hospital,” says Velesetty, adding “They asked us to bring DME back ... Sam Duncan, formerly with Northeast Medical Supply manages it. If somebody calls in the morning, we go as far as Kingston, Albany, Schenectady, Troy, across the river to Columbia County — the same day; nebulizers, colostomy supplies — everything from hospital beds to canes and crutches; rental or purchase.” The pharmacy works with all insurance companies ensuring customers receive the best value, he says. How is the Pharmacy investing in technology and enhancing Customer experience? Customers are now empowered to communicate via electronic means, even after hours, to request prescription refills via an automated phone system and a free online app. “That’s for their convenience. Some people don’t want to talk. Some do. They have that choice,” says Velesetty. Beyond convenience, What’s the logic of ‘Pill Packing’ or grouping multiple medications by the day and time they’re to be taken? “Pill packing helps improve adherence. If they forget … their medication and are hospitalized … we want to avoid that,” says Velesetty, adding, “We deliver those once a week and bill insurance weekly … my drivers, Zack, and Konner, … collect the old blister packs. We expect an empty pack back so we know they’re taking their medication. It’s a little extra work for us but it’s not only business. It’s taking care of our customers’ health … We are not like those bigger chains.” The same customer-centric approach is offered at Windham Pharmacy, also owned by Annamneni. How else do these independent pharmacies further set themselves apart from Competitors? Selection and Service. Both locations hold the reputation as destinations for paperbacks and magazines, groceries and more including the Ideal Protein weight loss and management line. “We have a full line of gifts, and have been told our prices are even better than Wal-Mart for toys,” says Velesetty, noting, the pharmacy is an authorized distributor of the Melissa & Doug line of skill-building toys. “Some of our customers can’t always get out, and ask for other things from the pharmacy, so we deliver those with their medical needs … on monthly charge accounts,” says Velesetty. Other services include appointment-based medication synchronization, letting patients pick up multiple medications on the same day avoiding missed doses; and medication therapy management, known as MTM, tracking medications, health conditions, and vaccinations. Pharmacists meet for individualized medication therapy management sessions by appointment. Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy is located within Greene Medical Arts in Jefferson Heights, home to services and providers with Columbia Memorial Hospital.